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On the road again*

 Welcome to the start of The Month During Which Tara Will Travel A Lot.

Des Moines. Moline. Des Moines again. Moline again. Des Moines AGAIN, a quick trip to New York for a wedding, then back to Des Moines. 

June is going to be a busy month for me. It’s also going to be a great month for pictures and posts, because part of my travel is attending celebration events for the 175th Anniversary! I’m headed to the one at the World Headquarters tomorrow and hoping to see some great old equipment. 

I’ll tweet and post pictures till my battery dies (on both phones!) and promise to get a more complete blog post put together as soon as I can.

I’m kind of excited, if you can’t tell!




*Just try not to start singing.  Can’t do it, can you? Me neither….

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